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Discovering a more authentic expression of the life of Christ in us apart from the duties of institutional religion, this podcast asks honest questions about the origin and validity of institutional church rules and practices. These religious rules and practices lead us away from the simplicity of the gospel into an exhausting performance-based faith.


Welcome to The UnSunday Show with your host, Mike Adams. Mike has left the institutional church environment for a more authentic expression of Christian community and the Christian faith apart from religious obligation.

This podcast asks honest questions regarding the history, traditions, and origins/reasons for present-day practices of the modern institutional church, in comparison to the assembly or congregation modeled for us in the New Testament. It is my opinion that centuries of needless religious traditions and hierarchal burdensome obligations that diminish the freedom we’ve been given in Jesus have been placed on believers in a man-made attempt to perpetuate those same religious institutions.

Please join me in this ongoing conversation as I share with you my own experiences and journey out of the modern church and back into the ekklesia. Along the way, we will explore the origin and harmful results of many of the traditions present in modern institutional religion.

Mike is a former institutional church pastor and co-hosts another podcast you may be interested in, The Grace Cafe Podcast, with his wife Susan. Check it out anytime.